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Educating, encouraging and empowering women,
one birth at a time
Image by Mustafa Omar

Let's talk for a little. Are you prepared for your birth? Are you aware of your birth options? Do you know your patient rights? Do you understand the physiology of birth?  Are you prepared to make informed decisions for you and your baby? Do you know the ideal time to go to your birth place of choice once in labor?

Let's go a little deeper. Have you sat for a moment and thought about what you want your birth to look like? What does the ideal birth look like for you and how have you prepared to make it happen? How would it feel to have personalized support the entire pregnancy, during birth and the postpartum period? How does personalized emotional, physical, mental and hands on support during labor sound to you? How can an extra set of hands help your partner as they comfort you? Would you like someone whose sole job is to focus on you and your needs? How about someone to check in on you during postpartum and provide resources to assist you in having a smooth recovery, does that sound nice? How about someone to affirm your feelings, reassure you when you are in doubt and remind you that you are an amazing mom?

Birth is an amazing rite of passage and every woman deserves to be celebrated, supported and nurtured on her journey to motherhood. I am here to educate you, support you, love on you and help you to have the best birth possible no matter what route you take. I want you, your partner and baby to have an amazing birth experience. 

As your doula we are going to dig into all things birth. It gets real and raw as we connect. We will laugh, learn, get personal (I might see you poop, in which case we would become friends forever lol) and have fun as we prepare you for your birth. I'll be your birth bestie and hold your hand through the entire process. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your consultation today and let's get started friend!

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"birth is about making mothers~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"

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