"birth is about making mothers~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"

Educating, encouraging and empowering women,
one birth at a time

I believe that it is time for women to take birth back! We have birthed for thousands of years and filled the earth with millions of people long before we were forced on our backs, poked, prodded and managed. I believe that women need to get back in tune with their bodies and birth wherever and however we desire. We need to trust ourselves again to do something that we were born to do. We need to align with that internal, innate maternal wisdom that we all have. We need to recreate the village of women that helped usher women into motherhood.


I am here to hep you make informed decisions and support you in birth wherever and however you desire. I want to help you have the birth you envisioned. 

I support and encourage lotus births, free birthing, home birthing, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, belly binding, herbal baths, intact boys, vaccine choice/education, co-sleeping, baby wearing and cloth diapering  but most of all I support women having the birth they desire in whatever capacity they choose.

My heart belongs to women of color since we are suffering at a significantly higher rate than our counter parts but I serve any woman who needs support. We need to educate ourselves on pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum so that we can make informed decisions and get back to embracing motherhood. We deserve beautiful births filled with support, love and safe spaces. I am here to help you get get in tune with that maternal intuition and ancestral wisdom. I am here to honor your birth journey. I desire to help women remember that birth is a rite of passage. 

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