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Postpartum Doula

The postpartum period is a significant time for mom and baby. Both mother and baby are adjusting to their new normal. As you two are bonding and adjusting life still has to happen. Food needs to be made, house needs to be cleaned, errands still need to be completed, on top of you healing and resting. 

The only thing a mom needs to be doing for the first few weeks after having her baby is resting, feeding baby and healing. She needs not to lift a finger. Cultures all across the world have a resting phase for new mothers but we seem to have lost our way in the modern world. While everyone is busy working or too far away to support our new mothers, new moms are having to rush back into the grind of life. She misses out on that vital bonding time with baby, she exhausts herself and she hinders her healing physically, mentally and emotionally.


We must get back to mothering our mothers so they can start motherhood on a good foot. Mothers make the world go 'round so need to ensure they are given the proper foundation starting with rest, proper nutrition, bonding with her little one and being allowed to slowly adjust to motherhood.

Hiring a postpartum doula allows you to take the time you need to get used to life with baby and support your body in healing.


What's included?

Postpartum doula service includes newborn care, breast/bottle feeding support, sibling care, light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, and errand running. 

Services are scheduled in 4 hour increments with a minimum of 20 hours. 


Are you and your partner downright exhausted, cannot tell your head from your tail and just desperate for a good stretch of sleep?

Do you have other children to get off to school or do you just want to get a little help making sure your morning starts off right? I can help get your little ones ready for school and get them to the bus or drop them off at school so you can sleep in a little longer.

Do you need rest, reassurance and an extra set of hands to help you get more done?

Book a consultation so you can get the support you deserve.

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