What is a Mother's Blessing?

A Mother's Blessing is a ceremony that honors the mother as she transitions from a woman to a mother. It is a ceremony that recognizes that pregnancy and birth are a journey and also a rite of passage for a woman. It is a moment in time where women gather to help usher her into motherhood by celebrating, loving and nurturing her before she gives birth. 

Who should have a Mother's Blessing?

Every pregnant woman should have a ceremony held for her whether it is her first baby or her tenth. Every mother deserves to be loved on, centered and nurtured.

A mother's blessing is for the mother who wants something more intimate and meaningful than a baby shower. This is for the mother who wants to connect to other women, feel valued, be restored, uplifted, and pamperped.

What does the ceremony consist of?

Every ceremony is different because every woman is different. Each ceremony is catered to the pregnant mother's desires and needs. There is always food, love, laughter and a circle of your favorite women.


It typically starts by creating an intimate atmosphere. That can be with soft music, candles, aromatherapy etc. This is followed by various activities such as the mother being pampered (massage, pedi, etc), positive birth stories, release of fears from the mother, prayers for mother, poetry, tokens or affirmations for mother to focus on during birth, tokens to keep everyone connected until mother has delivered baby, henna or paint for the mother's belly, and a host of other things. The ceremony is completed by nourishing the mother with nutritious food.

This ceremony can range from lighthearted and fun to intimate and meaningful as you need it to be. It is whatever the mother needs to help her feel uplifted and at ease for the upcoming birth. 

There are 4 things that create the perfect ceremony: the food, the location, the women and an intimate atmosphere.

Ceremony (Approx. 3 hrs)                                         $325

Take Note

The ceremony should take place in a comfortable setting such as your home or a friend's home.

The best food is homemade and cooked with love so we recommend you have each guest bring their favorite dish to share.

Choose carefully only women who will uplift, encourage and strengthen you as this is a special time for you. 

African Proverb….“Being pregnant and giving birth are like crossing a narrow bridge. People can accompany you to the bridge. They can greet you on the other side. But you walk that bridge alone”. 

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