Honoring the Placenta

Taking the time to be thankful for the organ that sustained and nourish​ed your baby in utero is a tradition used all around the world. The placenta has been the source of life for the last 9 months so honoring it through ceremony or creating a memorable keepsake seems natural. Creating a memory around the placenta is just another way to hold on to the sacredness of birth. 

Indigenous cultures have honored their placenta in various ways such as burying it, creating a dream catcher out of the umbilical cord, ingesting it (especially to combat postpartum hemorrhage), making art and holding a ceremony to give thanks. Whatever you do, take time to create a special memory surrounding your baby's placenta.


Women who ingest their placentas have reported the following benefits:


increased milk supply

increased energy

stronger bond with baby

decreased or lower incidents of postpartum depression

improved mood

decrease in postpartum healing time

higher iron levels


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