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Honoring the Placenta


Indigenous cultures have always honored their placenta in various ways such as burying it, creating a dream catcher out of the umbilical cord, ingesting it (especially to combat postpartum hemorrhage), making art and holding a ceremony to give thanks. 

Placenta Encapsulation or placentophagy is practiced by the majority of animals and has been apart of traditional healing practices of Asian medicine for hundreds of years.

When we give birth our hormones take an immediate nose dive. Encapsulating your placenta may help that sudden drop in hormones not be so abrupt by slowly reducing your amount of hormones as your body tries to adjust to your new needs during the postpartum period. 

Women who ingest their placentas have reported the following benefits:


increased milk supply

increased energy

stronger bond with baby

decreased or lower incidents of postpartum depression

improved mood

decrease in postpartum healing time

higher iron levels


       Placenta Encapsulation Package                             $250


  • Placenta Capsules                                     

  • Tincture                                                      

  • Placenta print                                            

  • Raw or Steamed preparation method    

  • Pick-up and drop-off of placenta            

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