What is a Birth keeper?

A Birth Keeper is very similar to a Doula in that we support pregnant and postpartum women through their most intimate moments of motherhood. 


More-so a Birth Keeper is someone who holds space for women to allow them the opportunity to go within and find their power. I believe that birth should be unhindered and that women should labor and birth in whatever way she so desires. I do not conform to the medical model of birth in that I do not see birth as a problem that needs to be managed. Women have birthed for thousands of years and typically do not need help. She just needs to be given a safe space, surrounded by loving individuals to be able to trust her body to do just what it was created to do.

I believe in the ancestral wisdom of the birth workers who came before me. I believe that women should listen to her maternal instincts above anything. We have wisdom in our bones and we instinctively know how to do motherhood. When we are given the space to listen to our bodies and read our babies instead of books we thrive in motherhood. We must remember that we are supposed to gather around her and usher her into motherhood. This is a rite of passage that we have forgotten. I believe that when we start taking care of and honoring mothers during this transition the world will come back in balance. 

I believe in mothering the mother. I believe in taking the first 40 or so days to rest, heal and bond with your baby. I believe in herbal baths, belly binding and baby wearing. I believe in the pregnancy and postpartum practices of our ancestors. I believe we will find our way back as women.

Why should I have a Birth Keeper?

Do you want to increase your chances of having the birth you desire?

Do you want to tap in to your power as a woman?

Do you want continued physical, mental and emotional support focused completely on you?

Do you want to take pressure off dad or help him become more in tune with you?

Do you want to be an active participant in your birth?

Do you want to be cared for instead of managed?

Do you know that you are in charge of your birth, body and baby and you can say no or decline any medical procedure that doesn't align with your families values?

Being supported during your journey to motherhood by women who've walked this path before is a necessity we have long since forgotten

What are the benefits of a Birth Keeper?

  • Reduced use of pitocin

  • Decreased rate of interventions during labor

  • Less need for pain medication and less requests for epidural

  • Higher satisfaction with birth outcomes

  • Much lower c-section rate

  • Higher chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Shorter labors

  • Decreased chance for episiotomies

  • Help reclaim indigenous birth practices

  • We provide a small piece of the village

  • The ability to make informed decisions

  • Always having a person who is focusing on your needs

What exactly does a Birth Keeper do?

  • Provide continuous emotional and physical support

  • Gives information and helps the mother find resources to research her birth choices (before labor)

  • Uses comfort measures like massage, suggesting different positions and helping with relaxation breathing

  • Accommodates the mother’s wishes for the birth environment (low light, soft music, etc) to the extent possible in the place of birth

  • Encourages the mother to communicate with her doctor and to be informed about any procedures and interventions 

  • Supports the father or birth partner in the best way to support the mother. A doula never replaces the very important role of the birth partner and a good doula will help the birth partner by suggesting ways that he/she can support the laboring mom and things that can improve their synergy in labor.

  • Helps mom with the first feeding

  • We help you reclaim your divine power by tapping to the wisdom of the birth workers who came before us

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