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"if a doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it"

About me

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My Philosophy

I believe we can change the world if we change how we care for mothers during their journey to motherhood. Birth is the beginning and this is where change starts.

If we want to make the world a better place then we must help women reclaim birth. We must empower them with knowledge. We must ensure that during birth she is the sole focus and her needs and wishes are respected, heard and met. We must restore motherhood as a badge of honor, beauty and strength. 

Women are wise, women are strong, women have always known how to give birth . As your doula I am here to help you remember this because every woman should feel


My Top Goals as Doula

1. Educating women about their options, rights and everything about birth from conception to the postpartum period

2. Helping women reclaim the beauty, rites of passages/traditions and the sacredness of motherhood

3. Nurturing mothers and making sure they feel loved, supported, seen and heard 

My Story

Hi, my name is Asia and I would be honored to join you on this journey.


Who am I?


I am a homeschooling mom of 3, military wife and veteran. I served in the United States Air Force for 10 years. Some of my hobbies include baking, staying up late learning about whatever pops in my head and spending hours at the park doing playdates.


My Journey 


For as long as I can remember I have always been infatuated with birth. I remember watching TLC's A Birth Story as a child and just falling in love with every story. Initially, I always wanted to become an Obstetrician but I grew tired of school so that seemed like it wasn't an option for me at the moment as it included another 12 years of schooling.


When I graduated high school I joined the Air Force. In 2014 I deployed and with ample time to learn I became immersed in holistic living. The more I learned about being holistic the more I knew that becoming an obstetrician was no longer the route for me. In my research I learned about midwives, birth centers and the like. I came across the word doula, went down the rabbit whole and immediately knew that was my soul's calling.


Becoming a doula ignited a fire in me to help women reclaim birth and motherhood. Birth and motherhood can be intense and challenging but it can also be beautiful, powerful and life changing. As I learn and dig into what birth and motherhood has the potential to be, my passion grows. I am convinced that motherhood can change the world. It is as simple as elevating mothers during birth. Making sure they are seen, heard and honored helps them and anyone who is a witness to the birth to know that women are powerful!

I've always heard that you need to find a job you love and it won't feel like work. Becoming a doula energizes me and gives me purpose! I love supporting women and being by their side during one of the most life changing moments of their lives.



My Training
Birth Doula

Maternity Wise 2015

Holistic Birth Doula

The Matrona 2018

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Women's Choice Perinatal Services 2020

P.A.I.L Advocate (Pregnancy and Infant Loss)


Fertility Advocate


Trained VBAC Advanced Doula

VBAC Link Adanced Doula Training 2021

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