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Sibling Care

Many parents ask, should I bring my children to the birth? If I do, who will watch them if things are too intense? Are they allowed to be at the hospital? What will they do? For parents that decide not to bring siblings to the birth, who will be able to drop what they are doing in order to watch them?

Sibling care is an option. Many families having a new baby are without trusted family members living locally or even a babysitter who is willing to be “on call” for an extended time while you have your new baby. I am able to care for older brothers and sisters while their parents are focused on bringing the new baby into the world. 

Whether planning for a home, birth center, or hospital birth, it is much easier for everyone to meet the needs of your older children with one person being solely responsible for them. I can come to your home so they are in a comfortable, familiar setting. 


Starting rate of $350, the sibling care includes:

  • A “get-to-know-you visit” prior to the birth where we discuss all of your children's needs, routines and anything special that would help me cater this time to your children.

  • On-call availability starting at 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

  • Up to 24 hours of continuous care on The Big Day. Any additional hours are billed at the rate of $30 per hour. ​

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